Executive Sessions of the Board of Directors

Executive Sessions of the Board of Directors

In conjunction with our regular Board meetings, the non-management directors of the Board meet outside the presence of management in executive session. In addition, our independent directors meet in executive session at least once a year. Our non-executive chairman, Leo F. Mullin, presides at all such executive sessions, as well as over our Board meetings.

Communications with Directors

We have established a process for communications with directors. All interested parties (including our stockholders) who would like to communicate with, or otherwise make his or her concerns known directly to the Board, the chairperson of any of the Audit and Compliance, Nominating and Corporate Governance or Compensation Committees, or to the non-management or independent directors as a group, may do so by addressing such communications or concerns to the Corporate General Counsel (John Blenke,, 555 West Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois 60661, who will forward such communications to the appropriate party. Such communications may be made confidentially or anonymously.

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